Performance on scrolling is impacted due to renderer function within columns

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I have a table where I am assigning column values inside renderer function.
It was working fine in version 7.4.2. But with version 8.2, it seems like renderer is taking more than 5 to 10 seconds to return the function which is impacting the user experience on scroll down.
Please find below sample js code. In the sample js code, you wouldn’t notice the issue since the data is small.

Hi @chandana.udupa

based on that demo I cannot see any difference while loading v7 and v8. I’m testing the demo using Chrome 87 on Windows 10. Do you experience the delay in all the browsers or any specific?

Yes, in the demo there is no difference. But in the application, it is impacting the performance. In order to solve the issue, I have moved the code from source to the renderer. Now, it is working fine.