Pivot Table Configuration

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I have a table set up using renderers defined in the column data.
Everything works great.

const getColumns = ({
}: {
  columnDataSelected: ColumnMetadata[];
}): ColumnSettings[] => {
  const columns: ColumnSettings[] = [];

  columnDataSelected.forEach((c) => {
const isString = c.fieldDataType === 'Text';
const isDate = c.fieldDataType === 'Date';
const isNumber = c.fieldDataType === 'Number';
const isCurrency = c.fieldDataType === 'Currency';
const obj = {
  data: c.columnName,
  title: String(c.uiLabel),
} as ColumnSettings;
if (isString) {
  obj.type = 'autocomplete';
  obj.source = ['BMW', 'Chrysler', 'Nissan', 'Suzuki', 'Toyota', 'Volvo'];
  obj.strict = false;
} else if (isDate) {
  obj.type = 'date';
  obj.dateFormat = 'MM-DD-YYYY';
  obj.correctFormat = true;
} else if (isNumber) {
  obj.type = 'numeric';
  obj.numericFormat = {
    pattern: '0,0.00',
} else if (isCurrency) {
  obj.type = 'numeric';
  obj.numericFormat = {
    pattern: '$0,0.00',
  return columns;

export default getColumns;

I however have a requirement to display the data in a Pivot Layout.

I created the column and table data to display it correctly but I have an issue where I need to apply the right renderer to the cell. Since I cannot use the column object to define the renderer type I need to somehow do it elsewhere. I was looking at the documentation and thought “cells” could possibly work.

import Handsontable from 'handsontable';
import { CellMeta } from 'handsontable/settings';

// const RendererDictionary: any = {
//   autocomplete: Handsontable.renderers.TextRenderer,
// };
const getCells = (row: number, col: number, tableData: any[]) => {
  const typeRenderer = tableData[row]?.type;
  const source = tableData[row]?.source;
  if (col !== 0 && source) {
if (this) {
  // @ts-ignore
  this.renderer = Handsontable.renderers.TextRenderer;
  // @ts-ignore
  this.editor = Handsontable.editors.TextEditor;
  return {} as CellMeta;

export default getCells;

I can get the correct renderer and source options for the autocomplete but how can I apply the correct renderer, source options, numeric format pattern, etc…
Your help is appreciated! Thank you

handsontable version 11.1 (React)

Hi @jeff_goldberg

Thank you for detailed explanation of your issue. I think in your case you can use cells option to assign the renderer to chosen row or all rows. In that you way you will also be able to set the other paremeters. Here’s an example:


Let me know if this solution meet your requirements.