Problem deleiting some columns at the same time

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Hello, I have a problem when deleting information, when I select multiple fields from different columns and have applied a filter. Let’s say I apply a filter so that only columns containing the word “house” are displayed, then a table is displayed that hides the columns that do not contain it and shows the columns with their corresponding rows that do contain the word “house”, then I select different fields from this new filtered table and want to delete them. What happens is that when I remove the filter and the full table is displayed again, all columns that were initially hidden but were among the columns I had previously selected to delete their fields have also had their fields deleted. What is the cause of this? How could it be solved?

Hi @dbrobro

Can you please share an example with step by step instructions to reproduce the issue?

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Okay, I’m sorry, I’ve solved it, you just have to change the options of the cells to readOnly = false using the getCellMeta() method for each. Thank you adrian.

Hi @dbrobro

That’s great to hear. I will close this topic then.