Provide "render" parameter to setSourceDataAtCell

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Our source data contains many fields that are not displayed directly as columns. Very often during editing operations, especially those that leverage popups/dialogs, we need to set a number of those fields. While I am aware that it’s possible to send an array of changes to setSourceDataAtCell, it isn’t always possible (or easy) to capture all of the changes that may occur into a single call.

Beyond that, often times none of those changes require a render, as they are all “background” data that only our REST service needs to know about. For both of those reasons it would be nice if there was a new parameter to setSourceDataAtCell, called something like “render” (which can default to true), which we could turn off as needed when we call that method. (As things stand now we’re triggering unnecessary renders in a number of places.)

Thank you very much,

Hi @dhaber

Could you please give me an example of an operation that is problematic? Maybe there will be another way to support your requirements.

Hi Aleksandra, and happy new year! :slight_smile:

As I was preparing the example I realized that the batching feature is what we should be using.

Thank you for the subliminal hint!

I’m glad to hear that you start 2022 with our secret performance hero - the batch() method.

Let’s hope 2022 will bring us great development achievements @dhaber :slight_smile: