Radio button group with react-handsontable

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We need to have radio buttons in the first column in our react-handsontable. However, it is a radio button group. So the whenever any radio button is selected, all others need to be unselected.

Also, we need to implement an event listener for this radio button, and when any radio button is selected, there are other ‘effects’ that happen on the page … I tried using custom renderer with this being my renderer function -

Above is the jsfiddle of my code … I have registered ‘onchange’ event, but I don’t see anything on the console …

Hi @marius.editoiu

I recommend using the afterOnCellMouseDown hook and check the value of the radio instead. Handsontable steals some events.

ps. I would add editor: false for the radio column.

Hello !

I tried that, but still doesn’t work …

I have updated the jsfiddle above with your suggestions, but still doesn’t generate the console log … ?

Thanks !

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