React Handsontable - setting className for HotColumn with hot-render

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I’m rendering a HotColumn as below and trying to set className of the td element as “text-center”

<HotColumn title="Confirmed" data="confirmed" readOnly={true} className="text-center">
    <CustomRenderer hot-render />

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks a lot!

Thank you for sharing the issue report, @knguyen

I have replicated the issue. The className is added to a cell but I cannot change any of its CSS properties (like a background color). I will investigate the case, report it and come back to you with details later today.

Firstly I used some hotColumn demo from our page and got the same result. But then I created an example from a scratch and was able to get the styling applied. Please check this demo I’ve placed some comments in the CSS section.

hey @aleksandra_budnik thanks for replying. Let me try again! Will update here on how it goes

OK, @knguyen please take your time. I’ll be waiting for your update.