Read Only class on vuejs Framework

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Hi, after some research on your forum, I saw that the class htDimmed should be activated for read-only cells. Nevertheless, I can’t find it when I inspect the DOM. Any clue ? I’m using VueJS framework.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @arnaud.juin

Yes, the htDimmed class name is automatically added to TD elements if the cell is marked as readOnly.

Here’s a Vue example

You can also programmatically request to check a class name via getCellMeta method and attach a class name using setCellMeta

Unfortunately the class is not activated.

ReadOnly is enable here (in the child component)

As well as when I call the component

In effect, I can’t change the value of the cell so this component seems to be read-only but the class htDimmed is not enabled.

Thanks. I hope that’s clear enough.

The hot-column definition in our examples for Vue also uses readOnly so it has to be related to the renderer itself.
Here is an example of how to set up a readOnly renderer (also a Vue example)