Readonly on button click/Tab with text

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Hi. My table is readonly, I need to make it readOnly=false and I have a tab that I need to populate with some text. In html there is #hot that’s where the table is created as shown in the js file:

x= new x(’#hot’);

$(’#btnEditar’).click(function () {

I’ve tried something like How to make a readOnly cell editable programmatically but it doesn’t work.
My button needs to be clicked and enable editing on all cells. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

Hey @aaires

readOnly: false is a default value. If you attach it and want to change it afterwards you can use the updateSettings method like this

your_instance.updateSettings({ readOnly: false })

Like this?

$(’#btnEditar’).click(function () {
x.updateSettings({ readOnly: false})

if x is your instance then yes.