Regarding hiddenRow and hiddenColumn

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I am currently working on an update of handsontable from version 7.4.2 to 8.2.0.
In certain places, I am using hiddenRows plugin within the code.

Below are the instructions provided in the documentation-
*Prior 8.0.0: *
hot.hasHook(‘hiddenRow’) && hot.runHooks(‘hiddenRow’, visualRow);

  •  *


  •    *


But I am using other methods of hiddenRows like showRows or showColumns (of hiddenColumns) which are not available in IndexMapper instance. Should I leave the code as is or should I consider making some change? Below is the sample code from my project-
const plugin: Handsontable.plugins.HiddenRows = this.getPlugin(‘hiddenRows’);
*** plugin.showRows(rowsToShow);***

Hi @chandana.udupa

Here’s Aleksandra from the Support Team.

Besides the mentioned, there are no changes to the API. You still refer to the showRows() method via the getPlugin method.

Here’s a demo that uses the latest version

If anything breaks after updating to v8 please let me know here, or by email at

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Thank you for the quick response