Rendering Angular components in Handsontable Cells

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It is literally the most :top: voted question on Stackoverflow regarding Handsontable, but it is without answer!

I have two questions now:

  1. Maybe it is no possible? Version 8.2 has recently been released, maybe there are new possibilities! :pleading_face:
  2. It’s Stackoverflow the best place for questions or this forum or other places?

Hi @leonardo.buscemi

we limit the official support channels set to Github, this forum, and our website (email form). We may also appear with some hints and help on SO but it requires for our Support Team to grow in numbers.

When it comes to the requested functionality of a multi-choice dropdown cell type it has been mentioned a couple of times. But it hasn’t been added yet. However, it is achievable with the current structure of Handsontable. Here is an example of a key-value dropdown cell type. Based on this logic you may overwrite the renderer to show the list of chosen values.

Thanks for the reply.

Probably my question was a bit misguided as I wanted to ask how to render any Angular custom component inside a cell.

Oh I see @leonardo.buscemi

that subject was mentioned here by our Tech Lead. The task is still in the backlog.

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