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I 'm Korean Developer and I have some questions.

I used formulas api but somethins was wrong like bottom.

vue.esm.js:628 [Vue warn]: Error in callback for watcher “mergedHotSettings”: “TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object”

found in

at src/views/PrjExperiment/Management/DetailForm.vue
at src/views/PrjExperiment/Management/Detail.vue
at src/App.vue

warn @ vue.esm.js:628
logError @ vue.esm.js:1893
globalHandleError @ vue.esm.js:1888
handleError @ vue.esm.js:1848
run @ vue.esm.js:4579
flushSchedulerQueue @ vue.esm.js:4319
(anonymous) @ vue.esm.js:1989
flushCallbacks @ vue.esm.js:1915
Promise.then (async)
timerFunc @ vue.esm.js:1942
nextTick @ vue.esm.js:1999
queueWatcher @ vue.esm.js:4411
update @ vue.esm.js:4553
notify @ vue.esm.js:739
reactiveSetter @ vue.esm.js:1064
proxySetter @ vue.esm.js:4640
_callee10$ @ DetailForm.vue:961
tryCatch @ runtime.js:62
invoke @ runtime.js:296
prototype. @ runtime.js:114
step @ asyncToGenerator.js:17
(anonymous) @ asyncToGenerator.js:35
F @ _export.js:36
(anonymous) @ asyncToGenerator.js:14
classifyData @ DetailForm.vue:955
click @ DetailForm.vue?6a54:709
invokeWithErrorHandling @ vue.esm.js:1863
invoker @ vue.esm.js:2188
original._wrapper @ vue.esm.js:7565
vue.esm.js:1897 TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
at Function.keys ()
at DataSource.countColumns (dataSource.js:232)
at DataSource.getData (dataSource.js:73)
at Core.getSourceDataArray (core.js:2375)
at DataProvider.getSourceDataByRange (dataProvider.js:198)
at Sheet.recalculateFull (sheet.js:170)
at Formulas.recalculateFull (formulas.js:257)
at Formulas.onAfterLoadData (formulas.js:566)
at Core. (formulas.js:161)
at (pluginHooks.js:1964)

I would appreciate it if you could reply as soon as possible
Best Regards,

Hi @hjhyun123. Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any demo where I will be able to replicate the same error? It seems that the dataset changed, and it causes the error. Normally, it is not an issue that is why a demo would help us solve the case.