Saving data to a server backend

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I’m considering buying a Handsontable license but I need to know whether it is possible to save the data in a spreadsheet to a backend server instead of exporting it to a local file like CSV or Excel.

Currently, my users are working on locally stored Excel sheets and I would like to have them work in an online, web environment. This means the data of each spreadsheet should remain persisted online as well.

Is this possible?


Hi @ralph.brecheisen

I highly encourage to play with the evaluation version.

Basically, the afterChange hook is in the control when a user changes data and you can use it to save changes to your database.

Here’s a demo that you can test

Thanks for the quick reply Aleksandra!

I will definitely try it


You’re welcome.
I guess that we can close the issue. Feel free to open a new one if needed.