Select an entire row

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Hi all,

We’re moving from 0.16 version to the lastest. On creating a table we use a sentence like this:

data: $scope.tabledata,
colHeaders: cabeceras,
colWidths: anchos,
height: 260,
className: ‘text-center’,
maxRows: $scope.maxLines ? $scope.maxLines : Infinity,
selectionModel: ‘multiple’,

As you can see we use “selectionModel: ‘multiple’” to have a checkbox in the first column to select the entire row. For any reason this seems to stop working in the 9.x version, because eventhough the checkbox appears do not allow to select the row.

Does someone knows how to fix it or any workaround?


Hi @roberto.alvarez

there is a small typo, it should be selectionMode.
If that won’t help please send me a demo where the issue can be replicable. You can alter and fork this demo if that would be faster for you.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,

There is no typo mistake, we use selectionModel: ‘multiple’, with the “l”. In version 0.16 that was allowed.
This way we have a checkbox column in the first position.

With the current version we also have this columns but you can’t select it.

Thanks for your quick reply.

We do not have a migration guide for versions 0.x > 1.x
However, if you could put your code into JSFiddle I will check what should be changed to make it work in the newest vrsion.

Thanks @aleksandra_budnik, it was my fault.
The field selectionModel: ‘multiple’ was a customize cell in our application.

Thank you for the feedback @roberto.alvarez
I’m glad to hear that the issue is solved.