Send the Data of the table to another page

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I need to create a button inside a cell which will send all the above table data into another page on submitting
although I was able to create the button but it only redirects to another link i was not able to use anty function
please look into this and help me with the Same

Hi @aayushdehariya

Can you please send us the simplified code demo showing your issue? That way it would be easier for us to investigate the problem.

For example i need to create a form inside handsontable in which the first column will have all the tags and in second column their values (Name(tag1) = Aayush(value1)…) and a submit button from which i can send that table data to another page
for example please ref to this image :

Hi @aayushdehariya

Sorry for late response. If you want to get access to that submit button you can use afterOnCellMouseDown hook in which you will have access the event. From that event you can get target.className and then put your request there.