Set column type Dropdown to Object

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I would like to be able to set source to an object with a value and a label like such in the dropdown source type:

source: [
{ value: “1”, label: “I” },
{ value: “2”, label: “II” },
{ value: “3”, label: “III” },

Hi @sp1

I have an example that may help. It wasn’t tested with most of the features, but it uses a standard configuration of a cell renderer, validator, and editor.

If you would have any questions please let me know. Demo

It’s not quite intuitive to implement this, do you have an example in react with HotTable? Maybe that would be easier.

@sp1 do you use modularization in your project? Depending if you do or don’t it changes a bit the code example. I will do my best to prepare one for you after confirming the modularization.

Yes i try to use modularized code as much as possible and I use this package:

Thank you. I will update you with a dem tomorrow.

Hi @sp1

I’ve created a local project using React and modularization. Please find it attached at (the forum does not accept .zip files attached)

I’ve removed node_modules to make the .zip lighter. Please run npm i before running the example.