Slowness on filtering and sorting when there are lot of rows and columns

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There are about 90 columns and about 5000 rows. Sorting and Filtering starts to act slow for this data set, thought the grid should be able to handle this load? Also I am using a custom written function to clone rows where we specific what columns can be cloned and then add it below the selected row but even that seems to be slower for this data set. Need help or if someone has fixed this in a different way.


Hi @asebastian

Can you attach the custom function you’ve mentioned to my example
The example itself doesn’t seem to slow down on any action on Chrome 89.

I do have 8 columns with custom renders in it not sure if that is causing the slowness on sorts and filters?

The custom render just builds up a html with two buttons which has its own actions.

I did do a quick test and deleted all the custom render columns and the filter/sort was faster.

Can you share that renderer logic, @asebastian?