Sorting is lost with React Redux

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This fiddle contains the example from the documentation for using Redux with HOT, with a single change: columnSorting was enabled in the HOT settings (initial state at the top).

The problem is that, when the table is edited, the sort order is lost (although the sorting arrow remains visible).

To reproduce, sort a column in descending order and then change one cell. The table will reset to unsorted, while still showing the descending indicator.

Filtering seems to be unaffected by the issue.

Hey @nemrast

Thank you for sending the demo. I have replicated the issue.


I will check if this is a matter or rewriting a demo or a bug in the library.

Hey @nemrast

I’ve asked our developer for feedback.
It looks like this is how the Redux for Handsontable should work. We’re reattaching Handsontable data via Redux.