Style class doesn't get applied on ColumnSummary endpoint cell

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We’ve applied style Class (htCenter & htMiddle) to the entire table (i.e. for all the cells) using settings. However while using ColumnSummary (type:‘sum’), the style Class doesn’t seem to get applied to the endpoint cell.

Link to fiddle :

Furthermore, upon manipulating the cellMeta of the endpoint cell explicitly, the calculations go wrong as the result of the endpoint cell is also considered for calculations.

Kindly suggest a suitable way wherein we can style the endpoint cell without hampering the final calculation (result).


Hey Faiz,

The summary row is readOnly. It means that it receives a htDimmed class which is overwriting your settings. That’s why you should change the settings of htDimmed as well.

Here’s an updated demo

Hey Aleksandra,

Thanks, it works for me.


Thank you for the update.

We can close the topic.