Suggestion list for formulas

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Hi there, is there a way to get auto suggest when a user starts typing a formula? I didn’t see this feature in the demos but this seems to be a very basic feature in all spreadsheets which is a deal-breaker for my project.

Hi @SalMore

We do not offer formula suggestions at the moment.

If it should work as in Google sheets, you may need to create a custom editor. Here, you can read more about creating an editor. Most of our editors, based on the choice, close the editor as soon as the user clicks the element. But the date does not. You can pick a year/month without closing the editor. But still, you’d need to pass the focus to the cell editor once again as it is lost. And ofcouse the UI differs.

I have to say that this is not an easy task for 1-day of work. And as much as I would love to see this functionality built in, it is not on our Roadmap for this quarter.

@aleksandra_budnik Thanks for the response.