Table is not rendering in react material ui collapsible component

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i am using handontable in react material ui collapsible component and its not rending on its own when component opens but when i resize the screen it appears but header is still hidden … please help

Hey @edmrepost33

are you able to share a demo? It would be hard to help without seeing the code.

hey @aleksandra_budnik so when i add css cdn to index.html of react it stops working but if i remove it it works but inputs wont work as expected…

codesandbox demo link!

Thank you. I will ask our deveoper to check the demo.

ps. in the meantime can you send over a demo with the styling for comapre?

Hey @edmrepost33

here’s the fixed demo

Please confirm if it works for you.

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hey its working… thanks but just want to know what was the issue ???

We have to determine height property in settings. Additionally, we need a change in class .uiExpansionPanelDetails display style from flex to block (with flex hot table has problems).

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