Table not resizing on filtering


After filtering a column with a mix of different length strings in it, by a value that is very short in length, the table is resized because the column has shortened. However, it seems to be ‘hit or miss’ as to whether or not the scroll length of the table is re-rendered, and I can end up scrolling the length of the original table width (which ends up with lots of whitespace).

I attempted to add a hook on afterFilter to trigger a window resize, which again, was hit or miss. I then also added a jQuery trigger on the window resize, which would then iterate through and re-render any instances of Handsontable on the page - and while that would trigger every time, this is still hit or miss; at times it will run render and the scrollbar will resize down, and other times it will render and the scrolling width remains the same.

If I manually resize the window after the filtering has taken place, the resize hooks work and it fixes itself - even if I remove my manual hooks, the resize works accordingly

I’m unsure how to create a JSFiddle to produce this result without including my licence key, which would obviously be a bad idea.

Hey @accounts1

If the license box has any impact on the end result you can use the ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’ key.