Text Selection background color for Read only columns

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Is there a way to provide text selection background color for read only columns.
So now no selection background is displaying when you try to select text which is in read only column. Can anyone provide a solution for this.

There is no API to change that but you can try this way

body .handsontable .current {

  background: #f00 !important;


body .handsontable .htDimmed {

  background: #fff !important;


The htDimmed is a className for readOnly cells, and current is a selected cell.

Its not the background of the read-only column. What i want is if a column is on read-only mode and a user tries to select text using mouse dragging… there is no background coming for selected text. I want to show a background when selecting text to copy in clipboard.

user tries to select text using mouse dragging

The text is not selected in the default selectionMode so you cannot add the background to this action. You’d need to add fragmentSelection to the table settings to enable selection of the readOnly cells content.

demo https://jsfiddle.net/d2nafs8t/