TODAY() formula doesn't work?

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it looks like TODAY() formula doesn’t work?

I have date column and if I use TODAY() it calculates somehow numbers:

Do I understand correctly that the current date should be substituted for this formula?

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Hi @iryna.biletchenko

This issue was fixed in the latest release. Reference:

What version do you use?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

Thank you for your reply.

We are using the latest version, 12.0.1.
But TODAY() doesn’t work correctly.

Could you share more details about that report? Do you refer to the numeric value that we get instead of the string with date format?

This is an openformula standard that we follow for the Hyperformula engine. Here are the details

I also have an example here how to keep the TODAY() formula but show a more friendly-looking date for the user.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,
If we understand correctly Hyperformula uses “serial dates” format for easier calculations, but Handsontable does not process it and shows the result as is.
We suggest that we have to handle the date format for display on our own, like in your example (

Yes, that is correct. Handsontable does not add any logic for date formatting from the formula serial. But as shown in the example you can use a custom renderer to create a date string.

Ok. Thanks for help!

Have a good day!

Thank you :slight_smile: Same you you, @iryna.biletchenko