Tooltip on cell

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I am using angular ng-bootstrap library. I’ve used afterRenderer() method to setAttribute ‘ngbTooltip’ on TD elements. However, tool tip is not showing. I’ve checked and the

does have the attributes as expected but tooltip is not working in the table. Please help.

Hi @thethakuri_handsonta

Please share your implementation in a code demo.

Hi Adrian,

I’m having some issue creating a demo.

Basically, I am using ng-bootstrap module.

If I use the “ngbTooltip” attribute in any table > td element, tooltip works e.g.

<table><tr><td container="body" ngbTooltip="My Tooltip">Tooltip here</td></tr></table>

However, its not working inside handsontable:

afterRenderer: (TD, row, column, prop, value, cellProperties) => {
        TD.setAttribute('container', "body");
        TD.setAttribute('ngbTooltip', "This is my tooltip");

The attributes are applied to cells but its not working:

Hi @thethakuri_handsonta

If you want to attach custom element to the cell, the best option is to use a custom renderer. Here you can find the documentation entry about the implementation in Angular, along with an example:

I don’t think custom renderer would cut it. I think the issue is angular dynamic binding as the attributes are added in later.

I see. I’m afraid that without the demo that would help me better understand your case it would be hard to propose a different solution.

Hi @thethakuri_handsonta

I need to close this subject as it has lacked a demo for more than a month.

If that’s still an issue that you are facing please prepare a demo and send to it us at