Tooltip showing on hover dates in datepicker

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How do we show tooltip on hovering the datepicker dates.

Hi @webgunti

I can recommend adding a DIV element and controlling its CSS visibility parameter and top/left via afterOnCellMouseOver and afterOnCellMouseOut.

  1. afterOnCellMouseOver -
  2. afterOnCellMouseOut -

How do i highlight only some dates on date picker

Thank you

By some dates do you mean that for example if user picks 9th of May you’d like to show ‘Tomorrow’ and if they pick 7th of May the DIV tooltip should show ‘Yesterday’ or you want to show one tooltip for all of the dates?

Not the tooltip, assume that we open date picker and seeing this month calender, i want to highlight only the dates between 15 -20 of this month

It seems that my colleague already replied to that question here Adding minDate,MaxDate for date picker with the configuration of

disableDayFn(date) {
    // Disable Sunday and Saturday
     return date.getDay() === 0 || date.getDay() === 6;
minDate: new Date(2000, 0, 1),
maxDate: new Date(2009, 11, 31),

Thank you @aleksandra_budnik