UpdateSetting for HiddenColumn not working

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I have a dropdown list and select of the option I have updated the table data and show/hide some col based on condition the first time it’s working but not always.

Hi @anil

Can you please send us a code demo? That way it would be easier to debug it.

Hi @anil

do we have any updates on the issue, or is it already solved? Any demo (as @adrian.szymanski mentioned) would help us a lot.

Sorry for the delay -
I have added some examples-

Handsontable lib version 8.3.1, license

 function onSelectChange(hotInstance) {
 let isEnable = true; // This value is updated via some condition.
 const hideColums = isEnable ? [2,3,4] : []; // If condition match then only hide or show the col.
 const  rowData = [{name: 'jack',last: 'me',number:'23823',add:'some add'},{name: 'Anil',last: 'Yadav',number:'23823',add:'some add'},{name: 'No',last: 'Ja',number:'23823',add:'some add'}];
 const TableHeader = [{data: name,label:'First Name'},{data: last,label:'Last Name'},{data: number,label:'Number'},{data: add,label:'Address details'}];


  rowHeaders: false,
  data: tableData,
  //Set readonly true to all cell
  readOnly: true,
  wordWrap: true,
  autoWrapCol: true,
  width: '100%',
  //height: 200,
  rowHeights: 10,
  columnHeaderHeight: 35,

  filters: false,
  dropdownMenu: false,
  hiddenColumns: true,
  hiddenColumns: {
    columns: hideColums,
  //Use this for update to indivudual column
  columns: TableHeader,


//Some drop-down /select option events.

Hi @anil

There are some missing parts in the code you send and I can’t reproduce it. Can you please prepare a demo here?


Thanks I found an alternative way to fix the issue.

Hi @anil

That’s great. I will close this topic then.