Using manualColumnMove and hiddenColumns together displaying empty values

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it seems this issue has occured before:

Unfortunatley, although it states that this issue should be resolved, this is still an issue:

Here is a short description of my problem:

  • Columns A, B, C, D, E
  • I hide column D using ‘hiddenColumns’ plugin
  • I move column E to be between B and C (via drag&drop using the ‘manualColumnMove’ plugin)
  • now data in column C is not displayed anymore

I also have fixedColumns active. I’m using the newest (7.1.0) version of handsontable.

Is this a known issue or does that only happen to me? If you need more information about my setup please let me know.

Hey @thomas.schagerl

the following sounds like this one

This related to the issue described by our developer here

It’s related to the custom renderer named hiddenRenderer, which is attached to the visual column inside the HiddenColumns plugin. Thus, it’s not caused only by the ColumnSorting plugin. Even yet simpler example:

and might be fixed within the new mapping engine that is being currently written. You can track progress on that topic here

yeah this looks to be the same issue that I have.
thx for the fast response :slight_smile: