Using only specific col from source data

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I have an array as source data like this:
[[‘id1’, ‘name1’, ‘property1’], [‘id2’, ‘name2’, ‘property2’], [‘id3’, ‘name3’, ‘property3’]]
I want to show only the data at column name and property, and use the id to save to database.
As in this example
, I can do what I want if I create new data with only two column name and property. But is there any way to still use this source array and hide the first column? I don’t want to use hiddencolumns since end users still can unhide it.
Another question, I’m using Handsontable 8.1.0 and my hiddenColumns not working at all although I do exactly like example in the documentation?
Thank you very much.

Hi @gumanh94

would that approach suit you ?

The number in the columns indicates the index in the data array.

Yes. But in this case, I have to list all the column index which I want to show. Is that right?

Yes. But you can also take the approach to load all the columns but hide the first one. Then here would be the code


Yes. This is perfect solution for me. Thank you so much for your support.

I’m glad to hear that.

Thank you for the update, @gumanh94