Various issues ie [Violation] ‘message’ handler took 381ms handsontable.full.js

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I’m getting a warning message from handsontable in my console

handsontable 6.2.2 doesn’t have this issue but it isn’t compatible with angular 8 as hidden columns are displayed.

Note: Warning present on initial load of handsontables

[Violation] ‘message’ handler took 381ms handsontable.full.js

var listener = function (event) {

I believe this is causing an issue with my loading screen overlay to stay active until you click the screen. Sorry previous issue not fixed and we closed it

I am reloading the screen/handsontables

This is getting called when resetting the page by calling this.ngAfterViewInit();

I clear handsontables with the following code.

if (this.GTable !== null) {
this.GTable = null;
this.sumDataColsInitFlag = true;

Any ideas on how to fix/workaround. Thank you


We can’t replicate the issue. Can you attach an example made with codesandbox or stackblitz? It would be really helpful in debugging this use case



There is still an issue with handsontable losing focus when you change other cells on the front end, while using a loading screen to block the user changing things while calculating data It’s to much work to produce an example so you can fix, I have created a temporary fix for this, please could you close or remove this issue.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
This case sounds like a complex example, which requires additional coding so if you’ve found a solution that works for you I’m happy enough to close this topic.