Vertical scrolling with some frozen columns gets misaligned

We are on version 7.0.2. I started trying to look through the release notes but it is a bit cumbersome as I don’t know if they are all exposed on the page I found with the large blocks for each release. If I could find a clean list of all point releases, etc., it might be easier to sift through.

Anyway, I am wondering if this issue has been fixed in a newer release. We have 3 frozen columns, then others to the right that aren’t. When we scroll up and down quickly (vertically), the frozen and unfrozen columns get misaligned (the horizontal cell lines don’t line up). Or is there a manual fix to fire something after scrolling to get them resync’d?

UPDATE: I did just find this nice list of release notes: - I will peruse myself, but if there is a known answer to the above would appreciate it, thanks!

Hi @abowsher

Can you attach a demo where we can reproduce the issue?
Please describe all the steps to do so.

No I’m sorry, it’s buried in an application, surrounded by lots of other code. It’s just a table with 3 frozen columns (they do not scroll horizontally) with non-frozen columns to the right. Then scrolling up and down shows the problem of the frozen and not-frozen columns getting out of sync.

Thanks for the reply.

Here is a simple demo - - with 3 columns fixed and 3 next don’t.
When I scroll left to right (and back again) or top to bottom (and back again) nothing unexpected happen.

So could you based on it extend to better reflect your needs and your issue?

Thank you so much for setting that up!

While I was able to reliably see the error just before I posted it (and others have reported it in our app as well, so it’s not a one-time thing), now everything is working (nothing has changed code-wise). Resizing rows seems to stay consistent, and then scrolling up and down vertically stays consistent also. So I am back to not reproducing it consistently. If I could, I would apply the same steps to your example.

Please do me a favor and leave the example, so that if I sort out how to reproduce it, I can try it again with your simplified example.

Thanks for your help.

Ok. I will leave open this thread.

And I’m glad that I could help.