[vue-204] Doesn't work collapsible rows via vue + handsontable (> 7.4.2)

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Doesn’t work correctly hot-table collapsible rows with vue + handsontable (version starts from 8.0.0).
In sandbox it doesnt work at all, but on a local computer I could start correctly, but in version >7.4.2 I had only 4 rows (the rest have gone somewhere). If only I replace handsontable version to 7.4.2 all rows appear. Does versions >7.4.2 support collapsible rows?

Example sandbox (https://codesandbox.io/s/priceless-brown-sfdhj?file=/package.json)

Hi @shalnov.ya

This issue seems to be the same one as this one https://github.com/handsontable/vue-handsontable-official/issues/204

This issue hasn’t been scheduled yet. But we are progressively fixing all regressions in the first priority.

I will send you an update as soon as we fix this issue.

Thx for answer!!!