VueJS web application

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Clear admin template : This is the ever best admin template for those who are starting their startup managements for professionals as it is based on the BOOTSTRAP : contains HTML, CSS based designs for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components as well as javascript extensions. Also based on VUE.JS : allows to direct the structure of the application according to one’s own requirements. This admin template has 2 versions : light & dark, user can choose any of it as they like. It is also upgraded with laravel spark also it builds with SASS so that user can choose new colour scheme with multiple page layouts. Within a short time, this admin template has achieved a lot of excellent impressions from users and they are getting ultimate results with one & only great admin template CLEAR.

Hi @manisharoy081

Thank you for sharing your experience with the library however currently Handsontable doesn’t support VueJS. Have you tried to style Handsontable using it?