wtHider class introduces horizontal scroll when screen width is reduced

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Why this happens and how to solve it?

Hi @perpetualwarr

Can you please share a code demo or just Handsontable configuration object? That would help to better understand the issue.

const hotTableSettings = computed(() => {
    return {
      data: tableDataRef.value,
      startRows: 5,
      startCols: 5,
      colHeaders: true,
      rowHeaders: false,
      rowHeights: 40,
      columnHeaderHeight: 40,
      colWidths: 200,
      stretchH: 'all',
      preventOverflow: 'horizontal',
      columnSorting: true,
      hiddenColumns: {
        columns: [0, 1],
      contextMenu: {
        items: {
          remove_row: { name: 'Remove row' },
          undo: {},
          cut: {},
          separator: ContextMenu.SEPARATOR,
          copy: {},
      minSpareRows: 1,
      multiColumnSorting: false,
      licenseKey: 'non-commercial-and-evaluation',
      cells(row, column, prop) {
        return {
          className: cellClassName,
      beforeColumnSort: beforeColumnSort(sortingValue, hotColumnHeaders),
      afterChange: afterChange(hotTableRef, emit),
      beforeRemoveRow: beforeRemoveRow(tableDataRef, emit),
      afterRemoveRow: afterRemoveRow(hotTableRef, emit),

Here is my config object.

Basically, when I open mobile or tablet view, and decrease the width, table visually shrinks (as supposed to), but some invisible container called wtHider remains with full width, and introduces horizontal scroll.

I want table to shrink down to 200px cell width minimum, but not to introduce invisible container and horizontal scroll.

Hi @perpetualwarr

Here’s a little solution that might help: https://jsfiddle.net/aszymanski/uz91ckjt/7/

What I did is basically set the CSS for wtHide to always have width of 100% instead of pixel value. I also disabled the horizontal scroll.

Do let me know if that helps and that’s what you needed.

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Tt seems to be working. I don’t even need to apply overflow hidden, 100% width seems to be enough.

That’s great to hear!