[8.0.0] Collapse columns not working as expected

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While doing collapse first column is always visible, is there any work around to hide all columns while clicks on collapse button?

Hi @manu.panckal

not yet, but you will have this ability in 8.0.0 where we add hooks for collapsing. You’ll be able to call hideColumn method inside the afterColumnCollapse hook..

We have a beta ready so if you’d like to test it here are the resources

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
I will leave a notification here once we publish 8.0.0 to let you know.

I tried to call hideColumn but its not working, could you please have look on the below?
Any help is much appreciated.


The hideColumn/ hideColumns methods are a part of the hiddenColumns plugin so they need to be called via getPlugin method.

Here’s https://jsfiddle.net/pkvqcm70/ a demo where I hide column 0 (A) via collapse hook.

Thanks for the update but my requirement is little different, if i click in ‘I’ it will show the first column please find the first screen shot , I want to show it as empty. Is that is possible?


Requirement as below

You’d need to erase the data and update nestedHeaders array to get the same result.