Add cell to another one

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Hello there! Maybe it’s not correct question, if so sorry for ask. I try to understand how i can put some additional element in cell in order to colorise it in different color(shown in the image). There is some class in CSS which take control on this? For apply color to whole row i used:
.handsontable td.currentRow, .handsontable td.current { background: #FDDB99; }


Hi @eildos95 you can achieve what you need by using a customRenderer. In the example below you can see how it’s done:

You can find more about renderers here:

Please, let me know if that’s what you needed.

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Thanks for the response. Not exactly, but it was helpful in another case. I made this with different solution. I used gradient color :slight_smile:

Hi @eildos95 that’s great, thank you for the information!