Add child row problem

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Add child row from context menu for nested rows adds the duplicate of that child row as another row into source data. Which is causing the redundant data when saving from source data.
Has anyone faced similar issue? Need help to sort this

I am using JavaScript Library of Handsontable

You can see duplicated row in children of first row and in the main source data as well. Which causes redundant data.

Hi @wswaleed07

The reported issue sounds similar to, which is under investigation by one of our developers.

Could you confirm if that is the same configuration and steps to reproduce the issue? If not, please share the steps for me to replicate the issue.

My problem still persists, the issue seems to be the extra element. Because the code is not identifying child rows uniquely.


Did you try to build a version including the latest commit ?

If yes, and it still does not work, please share a demo where the issue can be replicable.

Hi @wswaleed07

do we have any updates on the topic?