After clicked sort, if scroll, everything would revert

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This is my use case. I am saving sort through persistentState. And, it is working. However, whenever I start scrolling the table would revert to its default data (not sorted anymore). What I want is that if I sorted a column, I want that column to stay sorted even if I scroll.

Thank you.

Hi @hugh

As you see in this demo - - it stays sorted even if you scroll.

So can you attach a demo where we can reproduce the issue?

Hi @piotr.nowak

Thanks for the reply. You are right it stays the same based on the demo. By the way, I forgot to mention that I’m using React wrapper.

Without a demo, can be hard to find a solution.
Can you show your implementation?

It’s time to solve this issue @hugh :slight_smile: or has it been already solved?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,

Regarding on this one, we decided to use server-based sorting. So I guess this can be closed. Thank you! But I have another new question, I’ll create a ticket. Thanks ahead!