Alternative of setDataAtCell

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when im using this functoon hot1.setDataAtCell() im getting performance issue

i want alternative function…

Hi @kunal

This method is only slow if you have a large dataset or are using heavy logic on data change.

I would need to know your settings to propose some other solutions.

i want text of the length in that function creating new column and updating length.
var columnData = hot1.getDataAtCol(colIndex);
for (var i = 0; i < columnData.length; i++){

this is small function… i 1k data operation good but 10k data it takes 5 min
what can i do

If you are running the setDataAtCell method 1000 times in the run I recommend changing the source data and use loadData() afterwards.It will result in 1 call to Handsontable instead of 1000.

please show me example

I do not have a that example in our demo database. But if you could confirm your Support and Maintenance plan status I will be able to create the following demo especially for you.

Please share this forum link and your licenseID on to proceed.

i shared
please check