BeforeChange not triggering on Cells with data from other sheets

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I have found with my code that the beforeChange function is only working when the user interacts with the cell, if a cell is being passed data from another sheet, the values of the cell will update but the beforeChange will not fire and as such does not automatically update my chart. If I interact with the cells beforeChange works and my Line Chart updates.

This is a snippet from my overall project, the cell that is being prepopulated in the final version is to be read only, with a more complex formula and displayed in a separate container within the page which is why it is setup the way it is

my JS fiddle example is below, any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi @harrison

We’ll check the issue and get back to you after the weekend.

Hi @harrison

We reviewed your issue. Instead of referring to the Handsontable instances you can use setDataAtCell() method as this is recommended approach.

Here’s more information about this method:

Hi, So the final project actually has a mathematical formula in the 2nd table that uses some data from the first table, I need to know how the second table can call an update to my chart if a user is not allowed to input data into a table

Hi @harrison, my colleague @adrian.szymanski has a day off today so I decided to jump in. The setDataAtCell() seems to be the best choice as it triggers the beforeChange/afterChange hooks.

I understand I see, okay I will make the proposed changes now and will see what I get

thank you for clarifying

You’re welcome. If that won’t be enough let us know.