beforeSetCellAtData hook?

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Is there a beforeSetDataAtCell hook?

There’s like beforePaste which runs in the same place but there’s no generalized beforeSetDataAtCell hook.

Hey @coffeeshot123

if you mean the data you can use beforeChange hook.

Let me know if it works for you.


I’m looking for something that runs specifically before afterSetDataAtCell hook.

The reason for this request is that for large complex changes, I’m trying to display a loading bar during the cell change. (These are changes up to thousands of rows with complex validation.) If I put this loading bar rendering in beforeChange, I find that there’s a time period where the table freezes before the loading bar pops up. I want to show the loading bar as soon as an action such as deleting large tables, pasting large tables is started. Currently, there are hooks like beforePaste or beforeCut that run before afterSetDataAtCell but I’m looking for something more generalized.

Thank you!

I am not sure if there’s any callback between afterSelectionEnd and afterSetDataAtCell. However you can test our callbacks at
Certainly there’s afterDocumentKeyDown but not sure if that’s the callback that will prevent the lag.