Cannot implement HyperFormula v1.0.0 in Angular


I’m working on a project with Handsontable 9.0.1 in angular and it needs formula support, we’ve been working with HyperFormula 0.6.2. Now im trying to implement the new version released, but when i update and import it, i get this error in my GridSettings of the formula engine, i just did a new project for testing and the problem still there:

When i go back to version 0.6.2 it does work correctly, also i notice in my package-lock.json that the version of handsontable 9.0.1 is requiring hyperformula 0.6.2, if i change this and it dependency, the problem still there. I’ve tried different configurations and researched in the forum, but i didnt find any topic related.


Hi @dantelagos.b2
HyperFormula v1 is not yet compatible with Handsontable. We plan to release upgraded integration with Handsontable v10. To release that version, we have to finish a few tasks listed in epic-issue: