Capability question regarding websockets and cell IDs

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Greetings, I’m evaluating Handsontable for my company. We are using websockets to let multiple users edit a spreadsheet at the same time. One issue I cannot seem to find in the docs is how to know which cell was changed, more specifically if a user on another screen has moved columns PLUS sorted the column either asc or desc. I see the change callback only provides the row ID and cell PROP. It looks like the row ID only references the visual IDs, so if a user edits col A row 5 on their screen, but another user has sorted the col differently that row ID could be a different visually and the wrong cell would be updated. How would we determine a cells complete uniqueness? Thanks.

Hey @newelementdesigns

In Handsontable all of the actions have their own callbacks

  • edit/erase - beforeChange / afterChange
  • altering rows and columns - afterRemoveCol / afterRemoveRow / beforeRemoveRow / beforeRemoveCol / beforeCreateCol / beforeCreateRow / afterCreateCol / afterCreateRow
  • moving - afterRowMove / beforeRowMove / beforeColumnMove / afterColumnMove

If you’d like to check if some’s editing the table you can also call getSelectedLast() method and look if the getActiveEditor is defined.