Cell selection

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I’m working on handsontable with react. My issue is, If I select some cell and hit cmd+d and select some other cell, the previously selected cell is still highlighted. I don’t want this to happen.
These are the props I’ve passed on to it.

          data: this.state.data,
          colHeaders: this.state.colHeaders,
          columns: this.state.columns,
          columnSorting: true,
          sortIndicator: true,
          sortEmptyCells: false,
          manualRowMove: true,
          manualColumnMove: true,
          manualRowResize: true,
          wordWrap: false,
          contextMenu: true,

Hey @nithishravindra8

CMD + D opens the window to save the page to favorites. Can you record the behavior with the key press?

Yes, I get bookmark popup from browser.
The issue is it on hitting cmd + d, the previously selected cells are still highlighted along with the current selected cells.

While using CMD + D I can only get the popup I when I do not remove the popup and just click somewhere else in the table the old selection is gone.

What browser/system do you use?