Click to add using hyperformula as in an excel

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Hello Team,

We were planning to use hyperformula on our table for users to be able to perform calculations. But due to some limitations we are currently not able to proceed. Explaining our use case and issue below.

In an excel sheet when we start to add a formula using the =, excel freezes the rest of the sheet to support the formula. Like when we enter =Sum( then we can select cells or range of cells which then get added to the formula like =Sum(A1:A2 and we complete the operation by closing it with a ‘)’ and press enter. This brings the sheet back to existing state. Since our users are primarily used to using excel, we are unable to leverage the formula feature due to this limitation. Can you pls let us know if we have missed identifying a way to achieve this experience with the current version of handsontable and hyperformula.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Hi @veena.v
We recently answered the same question - the thread you can find here: Cell click support for writing formulas.

I’m closing this thread due to it’s a duplicate.