Column Summary not getting reapplied after the data of the table is changed + React

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I am using React handsontable in my project where we need Column summary & below is my settings.

columnSummary : [ {
destinationColumn: 1,
destinationRow: 5,
type: ‘sum’

For the first time it is getting correct sum with columns values. But as soon as the data of the table is changed Column Summary is not properly calculating sum of all values from column. Could you please look into this issue in priority.

Hi @rohit.parwal

Please share a demo for replication. I do not see a similar issue on our Github board.

Hey @rohit.parwal

do we have any updates on that subject? It is hard for me to replicate the issue without knowing the exact settings.

As it are 2 weeks without sharing a demo or ay further updates I need to close the topic.