Columns not displayed when selected by arrow

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We have rendering issues of columns.
Few columns in middle are not displayed when moving with left arrow from the right end of the row.
When moving with right arrow from the beginning of the row every row selected is shown.
However when moving with left arrow from the right end of the row, few columns(5 to 6) are still hidden behind frozen columns when selected. I have four fixed columns at left.

Here is the coding part defining the frozen part

table = new Handsontable(grid, {
data : data,
comments : false,
outsideClickDeselects : true,
manualColumnResize : true,
manualRowResize : true,
fillHandle : false,
autoColumnSize : true,
columnSorting : {
sortEmptyCells :true
sortIndicator : true,
search : true,
readOnly : true,
fixedColumnsLeft : 4,
autoRowSize : true,
hiddenColumns : true

The problem is both present in IE and Chrome. And I am using handsontable 7.4.2.
I want to make the column selected by the arrow move is always displayed.
Could you please tell me how should do it?

Hi @ml-ifa

I’ve loaded your settings to that demo and tested it on Windows 10 and Chrome 87.

I’ve tried the scroll and keyboard navigation. Both seem to work correctly.

Are you able to replicate the issue using my demo?