Comments with custom cell renderer

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in my handsontable the first column has a custom renderer which draws a tiny html table with some condensed data for this row.

I also use the comments plugin which works nicely on normal cells. You see the little black triangle in the top-right corner of the cell and when you hover over that cell, the tooltip with the comment appears.

Now in combination with my custom renderer, it is not so nice. I still see the triangle in the corner, and if I manage to hover over that little triangle, the comment appears. But if I hover over the rest of the cell, it doesn’t show anything.

Is there a way to make it work for the whole custom-rendered cell?

Hey @stephan.boehme

the hover shows comments for all cell (normal and custom) here
Maybe it’s a matter of other settings as well?

I changed your example, so it fits more to my usecase:

I think the problem are the td-elements within the renderer. It shows only the comment when I am not directly over an inner cell.

(If you have any other general comments/advice for the renderer, I’d be glad to hear them)

We wasn’t prepared for a situation like this


and we might be missing some methods for the plugin, like

  • show comment
  • hide comment

You can try to use a Toastr if you don’t mind adding a new library to show comments.

OK. I just wanted to know if I overlooked something. I guess, I’ll just put the comment at another column.

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