Custom filtering no longer works - input looses focus (PRO)

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Have some problems with custom filtering. The Filter inputbox looses focus instantly when entering it.
Seems to be a bug/change in 6.1.x, works in 6.0.0.

How to reproduce:
Go to the doc page (, scroll down to “Custom implementations” and then the section “Filter as you type”.
Now try to enter a filter-value in any of the column-filters.
Try doing the same in 6.0.0 ( and it works!

I’ve narrowed down to an event that is triggered on div.wtHolder.
Removing this event solves the issue, but I guess will cause other ones.

Adding a “event.stopPropagation();” on the input’s solved the issue.

        var addEventListeners = function (input, colIndex) {
            input.addEventListener('keydown', function (event) {
                debounceFn(colIndex, event);
            input.addEventListener('mouseup', function(event) {

Issue reported at

Fixed with
Please update to v.7+