Custom Image Renderer not sorting correctly

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I have a custom image renderer and a text renderer, which work great on initial load of data. Once I sort the table, the images are not with their correct row anymore. I have searched and can not find a solution. I thought adding this would help get the actual row after sorting, but it is still not correct.
const logicalRowNum = cellProperties.row; // instance.runHooks(‘modifyRow’, row);instance.toPhysicalRow(row);
const logicalRowData = instance.getSourceDataAtRow(logicalRowNum);

Here is a StackBlitz of my code:

Notice on load of data:
‘Updating ShowId 6103’ has an image ‘Switched’,
‘Updating ShowId 6400’ has an image with a woman’s face,
‘Updating ShowId 5953’ has a ‘Wish’ image,
‘Updating ShowId 4670’ has ‘Sondheim’ image, and
‘Updating ShowId 6257’ has an image with a man

Then, sort the ‘Show Name’ column, and the images are not correct anymore.

Thanks for any help you could provide!!

Hi @toniamarie2000

The images do not load at the initial load as well. Maybe you’d be able to share a .zip instead?

Thank you for the quick reply!
You can not see the images in the second column if you scroll down a bit? Not every row will have an image. These images are all hosted on aws and rendered via the src attribute.

Your imageRenderer is not return TD if value is not defined. You should clear the td.innerHTML and return it as an empty cell:

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Thank you so much! That did it!!