Customization of table

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I need 3 separate things, for this table to replace our custom ones:

  1. We need to support date cell, but when saved we need for time to be in ISO time. Is there support for this? Showed in one format, but saved in another?

  2. Is there an option to have different width of columns inside a single table? For example, first column needs to be 120px fixed at all times, last column fixed at 200px, and all other columns to be dynamic (scaling width, with smallest cell 200px)?

  3. How to have certain columns cell types accept links or svg icons or even custom buttons for example? Which type of cell that is?

Hi @perpetualwarr

For the questions 1 and 3 we would need to know what exactly your settings and requirements are. Please contact us at and let us know what your license ID is.

As for the second question, you can achieve it just like in this example:

This seems to be not working when Im using stretchH: ‘all’, last item is dynamic (and should not be), and worse, all items in between are not dynamic (some of them should be - the ones assigned as 0 in savedWidths).

We have continued that conversation on emails.